Debby Stroud
Biscotti Creator & Dessert Dreamer

Our Bakery

As a young girl, Debby never dreamt of marriage, wedding bells, or the perfect dress — Debby dreamt of one day running her own bakery. As a single mother, Debby worked as an optician for 35 years to financially support herself and her son. In 2009 Debby was let go of her job. In some divine way, this was a blessing. Debby finally took the risk, and began to pursue her dream.  


Hotti Biscotti hosted their grand opening on April 1st, 2011 in cozy Westdale Village. Initially starting with a family biscotti recipe, Debby began to find fun and delicious ways to add innovation to her biscotti. Gaining praise over her softer biscotti, new desserts began flooding out of her tiny 200 square-foot bakery and into cafés and restaurants throughout Hamilton. In 2015, Hotti Biscotti made the move to Hamilton's booming James Street North. 


On April 2, 2020, Hotti Biscotti will begin their new chapter when they move into the historic Hamilton Farmers' Market. Then, just as always, you'll be able to find Debby hard at work in her bakery.