Don't judge a baker by her biscotti.

We've got plenty of other sweets to suit your fancy. 

We always have a selection of peanut butter pops, cookie pies, and snowballs in store. Pop by monthly for seasonal cookies and dessert experiments! 



Peanut Butter Pops  

Cookie Pies




$3/each,  3/$8,  4/$10,  Bakers Dozen/$30 (walk-in special)


Snowballs                                         $8/bag

Lemon Drop Cookies                        $8/bag

Toffee Chip Cookies                           $8/bag

Chocolate Covered Popcorn              $8/bag

Candy Cane Shortbread (seasonal)   $8/bag

Ice Cream Sandwich (seasonal)        $6/each

we're moving!

Starting August 4, 2020, visit us at our new location at the Hamilton Farmers' Market, Upper Level Near Mall Entrance!
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